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Paramount Healthcare started back up in the late 90's by a an innovative Healthcare entrepreneur who was looking to create and develop niche businesses to provide assistance to Physicians, Consumers and various other healthcare professionals across the country and remains a privately held organization today. Paramount Healthcare and its various entities now operate healthcare related companies across the country spanning out over 50 states, in addition to Canada, Italy, Germany, Ireland, France and the United Kingdom.

It is Paramount’s commitment to the Healthcare community is to provide the absolute best resources possible to the physicians, patients and our clients through our services in the Rehab sector which PHC has now 220 separate entities across the country.

In our Acute Care sector we have more than 85 separate entities and with our other two divisions of Post Operative Surgical Recovery, Respite Care we strive to stay on the cutting edge of the ever changing Healthcare environment.

We will continue to facilitate the vast amount of Healthcare Resources to our physicians and other Healthcare entities, CEO’s and the general public by offering unlimited healthcare resources through our affiliated entity Pinnacle Healthcare.  An estimated 720,000 + Physician’s that traffic through the 50 Healthcare web sites and 680 Healthcare city Sub sites Nationwide and with an ever growing Hospital network and a privatized Healthcare CEO Network makes Pinnacle the largest privatized Healthcare network in the country.

Through the continued efforts of our various entities and our national partners worldwide, we are proud to be continuing to providing a wide variety of services to the physician community our patients and the various clients of PHC.

PHC announces Lafayette M. Ocumare as President/CEO of Paramount HC Companies

News Date:23rd August, 2012

PHC announces a new executive team member; Lafayette M. Ocumare as President/CEO of Paramount HC Companies. Born in Venezuela, he has a vast background in Corporate affairs and Global management experience.


I Support Foundation Official Launch Scheduled for October in NYC

News Date:15th July, 2012

PHC Public Relations announces that the I Support Foundation will be making its official launch debut in October 2012 in New York City.


Chrysler/Jeep will donate $250 from Freedom Editions to Support the Troops

News Date:10th June, 2012

Chrysler/Jeep will donate $250 from each 2012/13 Wrangler Freedom Edition as well as its other models with the Freedom edition badge it sells to charities that benefit U.S. military members. Specifically, funds will be split between the Fisher House Foundation and the I Support Foundation.


PHC Funding Startup Non Profit for the Troops

News Date:11th February, 2012

PHC announces that it has agreed to fund the startup of a non for profit entity thought up by two Florida teenagers. The organization is soley set up to support US troops returning home and providing much needed resources for them including to the potential of 4-6000 job opportunities.


Chairman/CEO, J.Lowell Rolquin expands Paramount’s holdings towards the Digital Media Age

News Date:15th January, 2012

PHC announces the spinoff of Paramount HC Media LLC, PHCM will be handling all of the upcoming digital magazine properties formally owned by Paramount HC.


Paramount HC sponsors 67 displaced kids in Florida and 100 other families throughout Florida

News Date: 23rd December, 2011

Employees and families from PHC made the decision to put forth efforts to buy Christmas gifts for those who were less fortunate nearby.


Paramount HC Underwrites initiative to create Jobs for US Servicemen and women

News Date: 20th December, 2011

Paramount creates a Digital entity through Paramount Media to enlist the services of retired military personnel.


Paramount HC announces expansion of it’s Media Properties

News Date: 22nd August, 2011

Marketing/PR department of PHC announces expansion of 1200 media properties which will launch in March of 2012 Nationwide.

Paramount commits support for US Olympic Athletes in London for 2012

News Date: 24th June, 2011

Paramount commits support for US Olympic Athletes in London for 2012.

Paramount HC aligns its networks with Hospitals across the country

News Date: 15th June, 2011

By the end of 2012 PHC will have aligned it’s localized and National network with area hospitals across the country

Paramount announces William T Bradley as SVP US Healthcare Operations

News Date: 27th May, 2011

Paramount announces that William T Bradley has been promoted to SVP US Healthcare Operations.

Paramount Aquires Pinnacle Media

News Date: 24th March, 2011

Chairman/CEO, J.Lowell Rolquin expands Paramount’s holdings towards the Digital Media Age.


Paramount announces that its healthcare consulting business referrals will be serviced by Deloitte Healthcare Consulting, New York

News Date: 16th March, 2011

Paramount announces realignment in our consulting sector as it has decided to pass along this sector to a more well rounded consulting company as Deloitte.

Paramount HC announces buyout of Online Media Company in Wilmington, NC

News Date:7th January, 2011

Through the continued success of its healthcare web site resources, Paramount had made an many new additions to its organization, this alignment will join forces with Pinnacle Media.